ARZ 40 Kg Power Twister /Arm Bar

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An ideal workout equipment for the shoulder, arm and back muscles, making the body more healthy and strong Made of Carbon Steel and Plastic Total Length 63.5 cm How to use: 1. Arms bent, curved spring force in the back of the neck. 2. Arms forward and upward bending of the spring, then relax. 3. Arms close to the chest, bending the spring, then straight, slowly relax. 4. Standing, feet apart, bend the right elbow with his left hand bend spring, then bend the left elbow with his right hand bent spring. 5. Both arms behind clenched spring, and then gradually straighten bent downward. NOTES: 1. In each arm joints pre-use check whether the grip band is firm; prevent it from loosening. 2. Exercise at your personal level of physical strength of arm, so as not to strain muscles. 3. To prevent accidents, do not practise rapidly 4. Should choose a relatively spacious area for exercise, to prevent accidents 5. It is recommended for children under 12 years of age do not use this equipment.